【Official】U-Community Hotel

Good access 2 minutes on foot from Kawachi-Kosaka Station! , Room with 1 rank higher!

■12 minutes by train from Osaka Namba, 2 minutes walk from the station
■Best Hotels for Business in Higashi-Osaka City
■Convenience store in front of hotel
■Parking lot equipped
■Namba is close to Nara, and the hotel is the best location for sightseeing
■Guests of the hotel have the service of water or tea
■About 20 minutes from Shin Osaka to Kawachi Eiga by JR Osakahigashi Line

U-Community Hotel celebrated its 20th anniversary

  • An advantageous accommodation plan commemorating the 20th anniversary!

    June 9, 2000
    It has been 20 years since I was born in Higashi-osaka.
    Thank you for your patronage, we were able to welcome this day.
    I would like to thank all of you for your support.

    In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the opening of business
    We will hold commemorative events including accommodation plan.
    Please use this opportunity as it is for a limited time only!

People from Osaka and from Kansai!

Let's Do Our Best, Japan! We are OSAKA

  • 【Limited Number of Rooms】Let's Do Our Best, Japan! We are OSAKA Value plan

    We support the campaign to promote tourists to Osaka and Kansai proposed by the Osaka Tourism Bureau, and use a common project name and logo.

    With the slogan of "Ganbaro Japan! We are OSAKA,"U-Community Hotel has prepared a "special plan limited rooms".

    I hope to return to Osaka as soon as possible and contribute to the revitalization of the tourism industry.

Notice to U-Community Club Individual Members

  • Looking for new individual members at any time!

    You can stay at the member price anytime!
    Moreover U-Community Club you make a reservation from the U-Community Club individual member limited plan
    Accumulate points!

    Membership is valid for 2 years from the last night of stay!
    You can use it once a year!

    Please join this opportunity.

Recommended tourist spots

Support your work! Available for up to 10 hours! Telework support plan!

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Hotel Name

U-Community Hotel


1-3-30 Mikuriyasakae Town, Higashiosaka City, Osaka Prefecture

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2 minutes walk north from Kintetsu Nara Line Kawachikosaka Station on Kintetsu Nara Line Kawachikosaka Station
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Overnight Stay Plan

  • Variety of room types to choose!

    Thank you very much for seeing the official website of U · Community Hotel.
    Reservations from the official website are the best deals!
    Because there are various room types you can choose, it is also recommended for family trips!
    We are waiting for you from everyone's visit.

plan for sports organizations

  • We accept reservations for sports groups and student groups!

    The hotel offers expeditions and training camps for sports groups, support and school club activities, participation in various competitions, etc.
    This is a hotel that has been used by many groups.

    The area around the hotel is located in a very good location with access to a variety of sports facilities, universities and other facilities, and we have made estimates according to the needs of groups (budgets, conditions, etc.), so please use it.

U · Community Hall, Regular usage discount charge information

  • Regular usage discount charge information

    Customers who regularly use the hall for more than three consecutive months,
    The following fee will be applied.                     
                Hall M(109 m²), Hall L (244 m²)
                  8,800 yen, Standard, 22,000 yen
    When using once a month, 7,920 yen, 1 Discount, 19,800 yen
    When using twice a month, 7,040 yen, 2 Discounts, 17,600 yen
    When you use more than three times a month, 5,280 yen, 4 Discounts, 13,200 yen, (All inclusive)

    I am waiting for use.

【Limited Time Only】Delicious Kenna ladies lunch!

  • Delicious Kenna Ladies Lunch ❣

    This season has come again this year!
    I feel cool just by looking at the glass tableware!
    It comes with 3 kinds of shark fin, abalone and cold noodles and is recommended for greedy people who want to eat various things!
    ※3 types of cold noodles(Chinese style cold noodles, cold tomato noodles, cold jar)

    U-Community Hotel 1F, Chinese fresh sake, Shouzuiro (Shozuiro)

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