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Hall L

  •       sit down, Standing behind, School Theater, area
    Hall L, 100 people, 130 people, 100 people, 150 people, 244 m²
  • Room charge, 1 hour, All day
          ¥ 22,000, ¥ 110,000
  • ·Higashi-osaka boasts the largest accommodation capacity.
    ·For banquets and seminars, you can use the adjoining Hall M as the waiting room
     (Terms of use)

Main facilities · Lending equipment list

  • Cassette deck
    cd player
    Mobile speaker system, 1 set, Two microphones
    Mobile stage
    The platform·Moderator
    Whiteboard, Two

  • 3,500 yen (excluding tax) ~ (We will propose to your budget)
    ※The free drink will be 1,500 yen (excluding tax).
    Discounts are available at the same time as accommodation.