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Recommended Plan

Recommended accommodation plan

  • 13:00 IN OK! "Sliding trip" Relaxing plan

    Higashi-Osaka City known for small businesses,
    Actually, there are many sightseeing spots throughout the city!

    It's a plan with benefits of staying up to 22 hours, so you can relax at the hotel
    Why do not you travel around Higashi-osaka leisureContinue reading
    Room rate
    1 adult ¥ 6,700 (tax included) ~
    Reservation is here
  • I'm glad to choose! plan bring back Osaka souvenirs

    Introducing a plan where you can freely choose souvenirs worth 2000 yen.

    You can choose any of the souvenirs sold at the souvenir corner of the hotel.
    From Osaka souvenirs to local souvenirs.
    In addition, a limited number of popular anime OsakaContinue reading
    Room rate
    1 adult ¥ 7,900 (tax included) ~
    Click here for reservation
  • Various benefits that are kind to women! Please try once.

    ◇Special amenities gift
     ·Luxury gel eye mask
     ·Relaxing seat
     ·Honesty(cleansing, Washing face, Toner, Essence)set
     ·Toe pad
     ·Beauty drink 

    ◇Equipment for women only ladies plan
     ·Plasma cluster dryer rental(Limited Offer)
    Room rate
    1 room ¥ 7,100 (tax included) ~
    Reservation is here
  • 【With relaxation goods】Comfortable stay Relax and plan

    Recommended for you who are always working hard.

    Put a bath salt (bab) in a wide bathtub and soak it in a relaxed manner.
    Refresh your tired body.

    Comes with a gift of relaxing goods recommended by our hotel staff.
    Massage machines are also avContinue reading
    Room rate
    1 adult ¥ 6,900 (tax included) ~
    Reservation is here