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Facility information

Floor guide

  • Parking

    ¥ 1,250 per night(tax included) / Half an hour, ¥ 110(tax included)
    ※From 14:00 to 11:00 the next day will be the 1 night charge.
    ※The hotel guests are free to go in and out during the above hours.
    ※It will be in the order of arrival and can not be booked in advance.
    ※However, for heavy-duty vehicles and truck parking, it is necessary to make a reservation by telephone.
    ※Parking capacity can be 45, up to two large cars can be accommodated
  • amenities corner

    We have an amenities corner next to the elevator.
    These amenities are not available in your room, so please take what you need.
  • OA corner

    We have installed one personal computer that guests of the hotel can use freely next to the elevator.
    Print out accepted (Paper will be sold for 20 yen per sheet at the front desk)

  • microwave

    A microwave oven for customers is installed in the lobby on the 1st floor.
    Please feel free to use it.
  • Laundromat(Toll)·Icemaker(Free)

    We have installed two in the second floor vending machine corner.
    It can be performed automatically from washing to drying.
    Detergent will also come out automatically.

    Please use ice cup next to the main body.

    Available time

  • vending machine

    We have one soft drink and one vending machine for alcohol on the second floor.
    Please use it.

    Available time

  • hole·Information on the conference room

    In the annex in front of the hotel, TTS Center 6F has a multi-purpose hall that can accommodate up to 100 people.
    Good location, 2 minutes on foot from the nearest station.
    You can use it in various ways such as various seminars, exhibitions and banquets.
    There is also a discount plan that will be reasonable with accommodation.

    The conference room is located at Hotel 2F, and it is versatile.
  • 【U · Community Hall】

    Available time

    9: 00-21: 00

    【Hall scale: LM】

    ·, Size(㎡): 244.38·, Size(㎡): 109.74
    ·, Capacity: 100 people·, Capacity: 40 people
    ·, Charge(1 hour): ¥ 22,000·, Charge(1 hour): ¥ 8,800
    ·, Charge(1 day): ¥ 110,000·, Charge(1 day): ¥ 55,000

    ·, For meetings of up to 100 people and so on.
    ·, We have two types of L and M available.
    ·, Audio equipment is complete.(L hole only)
    ·Please contact us separately for the use of parties etc.
  • 【Banquet rooms(Western / Japanese style)】

    ◆Available time / 8: 00-22: 00


    ·1 hour: ¥ 5,500
    ·1 day: ¥ 33,000

    ◆The conference room is equipped with LAN facilities.

    ◆We have 3 rooms to suit you.