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Sports organizations

  • This hotel is a hotel that has been used in many groups, such as expeditions and training camps for sports groups, support and school club activities, and participation in various competitions.
    The area around the hotel is located in a very good location with access to a variety of sports facilities, universities and other facilities, and we have made estimates according to the needs of groups (budgets, conditions, etc.), so please use it.
  • ◆Special price, the largest guest room in the area and full service
    Discounts are available for groups of 10 or more people.
    We offer a variety of room types, from singles to extra beds for up to 5 people.
    Hotel staff is available 24 hours a day from arrival to departure.
  • ◆Meals and meeting rooms
    Breakfast and dinner are available upon request.
    We have a meeting room that can be used for game meetings.
  • ◆Equipped with coin laundry and parking
    The hotel has a coin laundry (washing machine and dryer) in the facility.
    45 cars can be parked, from ordinary cars to large buses (2 large cars are possible).
  • ◆Adjust the accommodation schedule according to the free ice service and match schedule
    We will prepare ice, so please prepare a cooler BOX if you use it.
    ※If there are many users, the number may be limited.
    Don't worry if your stay schedule changes depending on the outcome of the match.
    Please feel free to contact the person in charge when making a reservation.

Acceptance record

  • U-Community Hotel has received many achievements, from elementary school students to adults, including various sports groups and corporate training sessions.
  • Every year, many sports organizations, including professional and amateur, use the sports national team, high school national tournament schools, national junior high school athletic meet participating schools, various university tournaments, training camps, expeditions, etc.
    In addition, there are many participants of various cultural events other than sports.
Neighboring facilities·Higashi-osaka Arena →→ Gymnasium / Pool(20 minutes on foot)
·Higashi-osaka Hanazono Rugby Field →→ Rugby(5 minutes by train + 10 minutes on foot)
·Osaka University of Commerce →→ Gymnasium / Ground(2 minutes on foot)
·Kinki University →→ Gymnasium / Ground(5 minutes by car)
·Kyocera Dome →→ Stadium(20 minutes by train + 6 minutes on foot)
·Edion Arena Osaka →→ gymnasium/Martial arts field/Multipurpose hall(12 minutes by train + 6 minutes on foot)
·Yanmar Stadium Nagai →→ Grand(30 minutes by train + 5 minutes on foot)
·Toa Pharmaceutical RAKTAB Dome →→ Swimming Pool(Summer Season)/ gymnasium/Skating rink(winter)(50 minutes by train) 
·Maruzen Intex Arena Osaka gymnasium/Martial arts field

Special Price

  • For groups of 10 people or more, we will offer a special price that is lower than usual.
    ¥ 6,580 per night with breakfast (per person) (For triple use)
Schedule exampleFor sports organizations,25 guests(22 students, 3 teachers)
Telephone reservation from customer → consultation → decision

16:57 Arrive at Kawachi-Kosaka Station 2 minutes walk to hotel
17:00 Arrival(Check-in is possible from 14:00)
17:10 Receive free drink and check in to each room(Pre-allocated room)
19:00 Dinner(Dinner at Chinese restaurant in hotel)
20:30 Meeting
22:30 going to bed
6:30 Breakfast(Breakfast buffet at hotel restaurant)
8:00 Deposit luggage in meeting room
8:30 Depart from Kawachi-Kosaka Station to the match venue
      (Match Ganbare! )
15:00 Arrive at the hotel,Meeting room meeting
16:00 Depart from hotel(Return home)
 *In this case, the use of the meeting room is free.