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  • Enjoy a relaxing time with hospitable confidence
    We have a cafe.
    Please use it for your stay!

    【Opening Hours】

    ◆6: 30-12: 00(Last Order / 11: 30)
    ※All seats are non-smoking from 6:30 to 10:00.
    ※Saturday·Closed on Sundays

Set Menu, ¥ 500(tax included)

  • Passion Egg Roll Sand Set
    I used plenty of enthusiastic egg "Rano"
    It's a roll sand set!
  • Sausage roll sand set
    It is a rolled sand set of coarse ground sausage!
  • Roland sand set of potato salad
    Very Satisfactory Quantity! I used plenty of potato salad
    It's a roll sand set!
  • Egg set(Butter / jam)
    U-Community Hotel Passion's egg "Rano" of
    It is a set of boiled eggs and toast!
    ※Our most popular items!
  • Banana set(Butter / jam)
    Ideal for supplying energy in the morning!
    It is a set of banana and toast!
  • Porridge set
    Recommended for those who are gentle to the stomach and do not have much appetite in the morning!
    It is a Japanese style porridge set!
★Additional goods★·potato salad, ¥ 100(tax included)
·toast, ¥ 100(tax included)
·Yamako with boiling of passion, ¥ 70(tax included)
·banana(One), ¥ 70(tax included)
·butterorjam(1 piece), ¥ 50(tax included)

※For drinks of 300 yen or more, the difference will be charged separately.
  • Oita prefecture Beppu City "Rano Tamago-no-sato" was brought up naturally
    Good quality egg, "Rano", Rano's yolks are less odor unlike ordinary eggs
    Featuring rich taste and dark orange color!
    ※In the cafeteria, "Passion Egg Roll Sand" · "Boiled egg"
     We are preparing.
  • Potato salad!
★Drink menu·Coffee(HOT / ICE)
·Black tea straight / lemon / milk(HOT / ICE)
·milk(HOT / ICE)
·100% orange juice
·100% Tomato juice, Coke ¥ 300(tax included)~
  • Morning time service!