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  2. Infectious disease measures

Infectious disease measures

  • Thank you for using U-Community Hotel.

    Based on the spread of infections caused by the new coronavirus, we place the utmost effort on the following measures, placing the highest priority on the safety and health of our customers and employees.
    We apologize for the inconvenience, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
  • -"Infection Prevention Declaration Sticker" & "Osaka Corona Tracking System" introduced-
    ※Our hotel has taken safety measures based on Osaka Prefecture's new coronavirus infectious disease prevention guidelines.

    ※We have introduced the Osaka Corona Tracking System, so please use it.The QR code for the Osaka Corona Tracking System is in front of the front counter.
  • -At the entrance-
    ※We have installed disinfectant solutions at major locations such as the hotel entrance, in front of the elevator, and the entrance of the Chinese restaurant "Shouzuiro".Please disinfect your fingers when you come to the hotel.

  • ― At check in time ―
    ※For the health and safety of our customers and staff, we wear a mask to deal with our customers.

    ※A splash prevention board (acrylic board) is installed at the check-in counter in the lobby.
  • ― At check in time ―
    ※We ask you to check your health and check the temperature at check-in.

    ※We use a coin tray to avoid direct contact with customers.
  • ― At check in time ―
    ※When you wait at check-in, please wait along the waiting line at your feet.
  • ― Elevator area ―
    ※If you use the elevator, please take measures against infection and use it safely.
    For details, please see the guide for "For those who use elevators".
  • -Common area-
    ※We use the world's first anti-virus and anti-bacterial "SIAA mark" film for common areas (elevator buttons, laundromats, vending machines, etc.).

    ※We regularly disinfect common areas around the lobby (doorknobs of bubble toilets, computers, telephones, etc.).

    ※The common area around the lobby is regularly ventilated by opening the entrance door.
  • ―Employee space staff area―
    ※We regularly disinfect areas where employee space has a lot of contact.

    ※The employee space is regularly ventilated and the outside air is taken in.
  • -Guest room guest room-
    ※The parts of the guest room that are touched by customers are wiped and disinfected using a disinfectant when cleaning the guest room.

    ※In consideration of hygiene, we use individually wrapped disposable slippers for guest room slippers.

    ※In consideration of hygiene and security measures, we use disposable card keys for guest rooms.
  • -Restaurant restaurant-
    ※From Osaka Prefecture so that customers can enjoy their meals with peace of mind
    We have acquired the "Infection Control Certification Gold Sticker" and comply with the certification standards.

    ※Currently, breakfast is not available in buffet form, and we will offer it as a set menu (Western food, Japanese food) as a single meal.In addition, reservations are required by 20:00 the day before the day of use.Please make a reservation at the time of accommodation reservation or by phone.